PSA – Start with Connection


It’s never easy to talk about sensitive issues. Sometimes, not the words but a metaphor and visuals might be the key to start the conversation. This is one of the examples – and we’re very proud to be a part of it. We’ve teamed up with our friends at Bonfire to create a fully CGI stop motion film for Partnership to End Addiction representing making a connection with a loved one who is suffering from addiction.
We paid a lot of attention to details when designing characters and environment assets – it was all about a dollhouse, but filled with marionettes, instead of the plastic pink…

The Lumineers created the track, also focused on addiction and recovery.

There is always hope.

This Beautiful Animation For an Addiction Charity Shows the Power of Love and Support” – AdWeek.






Client — Partnership to End Addiction
CMO — Emily Moyer
Agency — DiMassimo Goldstein
ECD — Paul Fix
CD — Chris Martin
Head of Design/CD — Claudia Mark
ACD — Trevor Hickey, Katie Renfroe
Associate Design Director — Matt Peters
Senior Designer — Jo Rooney
Art Director — Ernest Chan
Director of Integrated Production — Karen Tomlin
Studio Director — Quentin Webb
Animation Studios — Bonfire, Juice
Creative Director — Aron Baxter
Co-Creative Director — Brendan O’Neil
Producer — Tierney Farrell
Producer — Olga Rabiecka
CG Supervisor — Jakub Wrzalik
Art Director & Character Artist — Hanna Czyżewska
Concept Artists — Hanna Czyżewska, Zuzanna Gałuszka, Przemysław Nawrocki, Tomasz Świżewski, Magdalena Potakowska, Wojciech Pijecki
Layout Artists — Jakub Wrzalik, Tomasz Woroniak, Paweł Żugaj
Music Supervision/Sound Design — JSM MUSIC
CCO/CEO — Joel Simon
VP/Executive Producer — Jeff Fiorello
Sound Design — Nathan Kil
Audio Post — Gramercy Post
Studio Manager — James Spano
Mixer — Siara Spreen
Music — The Lumineers “Salt And The Sea”